every event is special and no two events should be the same nor feel the same
every non-profit benefit is important and no two benefits should be the same nor feel the same
every budget is unique and the challenge lies in working with and without limitations equally
every client is important…no exceptions

- yvonne wolf, event planner


In my line of work, I am fortunate to meet and collaborate with people from different cultures and backgrounds.  I am genuinely interested in everyone’s story and look forward to getting to know my clients.  I never, however, anticipated the array of PETS I would encounter along the way!  These past few months alone, I […]Continue Reading


A recent bride client was adamant about not wanting a traditional wedding structure to get married under.  No floral canopies, no fabric canopies and no four posts of any kind!  I had to create a ceremony site on an urban patio of a lovely L.A. restaurant surrounded by highrises?!  This was certainly a challenge…but the […]Continue Reading


At the height of all that is social media, it would be nice for guests at a private party to think twice before they take that selfie or pic of the bride and groom in awkward embrace to post on Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, etc. Imagine the wedding couple who couldn’t invite everyone they would […]Continue Reading