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What a thrill and an honor to have Meg and Anthony’s destination wedding on Catalina Island featured in with an article describing the details to this vibrant weekend!  Please click on link above to see beautiful photos from the wedding, read all about how the couple met, the touching story behind Meg’s mother’s attendance (who has since heartbreakingly passed) and the hidden message behind why the bride and groom chose blues and greens as their colors!



Comedian Carol Leifer and her real estate broker partner Lori Wolf (now wife!) wanted to include their rescue dogs in their wedding. How to have them be a part of their IMG_4371special day without them being physically at the reception?! And so ….replicas of the adorable rescue pups were created by Rosebud Cakes/Los Angeles and added to this special 4-tiered chocolate confection with cream cheese frosting. Thousands of people have seen this special cake featured in Inside Weddings magazine – what an honor to have been part of the creative process! A delicious memory indeed!



I am thrilled to have coordinated Carol and Lori Wolf’s (no relation) beautiful wedding!

They are a truly special couple (with a fabulous son!) and an inspiration to all of us!!  Read the full article at


Jean-Luc Godard said “A story should have a beginning, a middle and an end, but not necessarily in that order. “ I respectfully disagree. I believe the most successful events tell a story exactly in that order. My goal is to create that story using food, décor, music, entertainment and special details in a way that my clients will be able to relive and share their day like storytelling. Good photography and videography bring to life these events like books on tape!

Start with a cocktail hour and mingling or networking as the “beginning” in one room filled with unique visuals, food and décor. Move your guests to another room for the main presentation, lunch, dinner or party offering a new ambiance reflecting the host’s or company’s personal connection as representative of the “middle.” Everyone loves a happy ending…so use your last hour as a pièce de résistance with a surprise guest or live entertainment and delicious sweets to leave your guests wanting more!

All good things must come to an end… but let’s make sure there is a fabulous story to tell when it’s all said and done!



One of my favorite parts about being an event coordinator is discussing color schemes with clients.  All white celebrations can certainly be elegant but it’s the bold and unexpected hue combinations that give guests a truly creative and lively experience!

Learn what speaks to you visually and build color partnerships from there.  Do you lean towards a rustic/woodsy feel?  Do bold Mexican fiesta colors make you smile or do watercolor pastel palettes appeal?  There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to colors for your event….just have fun with the myriad of choices!


In my line of work, I am fortunate to meet and collaborate with people from different cultures and backgrounds.  I am genuinely interested in everyone’s story and look forward to getting to know my clients.  I never, however, anticipated the array of PETS I would encounter along the way! 

These past few months alone, I had the pleasure to warm up to Rocky the pig, Fuzzy the hairless cat and Lola the chicken!!  One client was lovely enough to give me fresh-laid eggs from their pet duck!!  I am always enthusiastic to discuss someone’s vision for table linens…but honestly…it now rivals the party animal I might meet!!


Some of the most memorable events I coordinated involved serving breakfast foods for dinner!    It started years ago at an early evening child’s birthday party by offering breakfast stations complete with waffles, eggs, bacon, assorted cereals and juices just to do something different.  Everyone knows adults like to eat off the kids’ buffet but this was ridiculous!

Next came an evening bat mitzvah with a make-your-own omelet station, pancakes and fun toppings, fruit parfaits, a cereal and yogurt bar, among other morning fare, alongside a cappuccino cart.  Another big hit.

How many variations of fish, chicken and beef can you offer before your guests have truly seen it all?

Soooo… at your next celebration or business dinner… consider serving a beautiful plate with two eggs any style, toasted brioche, tropical fruit, sautéed spinach, Lyonnaise potatoes, a side of pain au chocolat, freshly brewed coffee or loose leaf tea and an orange cream mimosa!  I guarantee… no one is going to miss the filet mignon.  xoy


I love what I do.  I love helping people coordinate beautiful and memorable celebrations, successful corporate functions and non-profit benefits.  More than anything, I love when my clients and I are able to incorporate a charitable element that allows their guests to have a great time while contributing to a good cause without effort.

During Jack’s party, guests could write notes to SPC Amy in Afghanistan through Soldier’s Angels, a non-profit group supporting soldiers deployed around the world.  At the end of the evening, we collected almost 100 postcards.  Amy sent this photo of herself with all the notes and a letter expressing her deepest gratitude and happiness.   How fantastic?!

Let’s continue to find ways to make a difference with your special events.  I love what I do.  xoy


If you’re like me, with a summer birthday when everyone is away on vacation or at camp, chances are your celebrations don’t usually include a lot of people.  When I was little, my parents rarely had birthday parties for me because everyone was always away (hence my overcompensating by becoming an Event Planner!).  They promised to hold something in September, but then school started and you get the drift…  When I was in my teens, it was important to be out at a restaurant or club to celebrate… but again, it depended on who was in town!  When I hit the “decade” birthdays… I celebrated with travel, high teas and day trips…trying to create bigger memories with special people.

The birthday truth has finally hit me… it really only takes ONE person to make me feel special.   Wink.  Happy rockin’  birthday to me.  xoy