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Everyone loves a classic black or gray suit on a groom but the days where those are the only color choices are behind us!  Suit hues, tie patterns, socks designs, even boutonnieres and pocket napkins have evolved into fun, charismatic and colorful statement pieces that allow a groom to express himself on his special day just as uniquely and importantly as his bride.  There are no rules to how a husband-to-be should dress on his wedding day and these are perfect times to explore and enjoy individuality while thinking outside the classic convention of blacks and grays!


Comedian Carol Leifer and her real estate broker partner Lori Wolf (now wife!) wanted to include their rescue dogs in their wedding. How to have them be a part of their IMG_4371special day without them being physically at the reception?! And so ….replicas of the adorable rescue pups were created by Rosebud Cakes/Los Angeles and added to this special 4-tiered chocolate confection with cream cheese frosting. Thousands of people have seen this special cake featured in Inside Weddings magazine – what an honor to have been part of the creative process! A delicious memory indeed!



I am thrilled to have coordinated Carol and Lori Wolf’s (no relation) beautiful wedding!

They are a truly special couple (with a fabulous son!) and an inspiration to all of us!!  Read the full article at


A recent bride client was adamant about not wanting a traditional wedding structure to get married under.  No floral canopies, no fabric canopies and no four posts of any kind!  I had to create a ceremony site on an urban patio of a lovely L.A. restaurant surrounded by highrises?!  This was certainly a challenge…but the end result was absolutely stunning and unique!

I had a custom wood stage built and stained to match the mahogany wood chairs we used for guest seating.  Next, I re-printed a painting my bride’s mother painted, when she was alive, on a very large canvas to act as a backdrop.  The bride and groom were ultimately married in front of an incredible statement piece that was both beautiful and personal and wowed their friends and family!


Summer has always been the most popular time for weddings.  My theory is that  summer is mostly comprised of sunshine that should accompany love, it comes with a celebratory feeling associated with no school and vacations, and an increased chance of friends and family who are able to step aside briefly from their commitments. I am…a hopeless romantic and enjoy working with brides and grooms.  I take my collaborations with soon-to-be married couples seriously so that they may bask in the sunshine on their very special day.  With love… Yvonne